We live in a world where wine production is constantly changing, so wood processing adaptation is integral to our business.

Cmrečnjak winery

The second generation of winemakers, Cmrečnjak family is engaged in the production of quality and top wines. Among other things, the valuable knowledge gathered over the years about the production, maturation and storage of wine in as many as 16 oval oak barrels and 2 vinifiers is the key to the success of this Međimurje winery.

Novak winery

Ever since they started winemaking, Novak Winery has agreed on one thing - no compromises when it comes to the quality of wine. An indispensable part of the production is exactly 18 oval oak barrels and a dozen barrique barrels. While oak barrels can last up to a hundred years, barrique barrels change every year or every 2 years.

Andrija winery

Since the sixties of the last century, the Ćorić family has nurtured the tradition of producing traditional and top wines. Apart from the fact that round and barrique barrels have been making their indispensable contribution to the production of prized wines for years, oak barrels fit perfectly into the ambience of the old cellar, which the Ćorić family arranged as a family museum.

Aleksandrović winery

The leading producer of quality wines in Serbia, Aleksandrović Winery, very carefully selects both grapes and barrels in which the best examples of their top, award-winning wines will mature. The 4000 liter oval barrels and Pozvek barrique barrels are an indispensable part of their impressive cellar.