We take only the best of traditional solutions to achieve the best quality of barrel products from Slavonian oak. On the other hand, we respond to the challenges of constantly changing the process of wine production with innovation and novelties in wood processing. Namely, in addition to barrel products, we also create new, modern machines for their improved production, but which still strictly adhere to the highest traditional standards.


POZVEK d.o.o. was founded in the 1990s by Stjepan Pozvek, who wanted to realize his dreams of working and living from his favorite long-term hobby, making barrels and passing on valuable traditional knowledge gathered for centuries to his descendants. With a few machines that he personally modified, he started a business and included the whole family in it, with the help of which, in a few years, he transformed a small workshop into a modern industrial plant.


POZVEK d.o.o. is a family company with several generations, as well as long-term employees who maintain a high standard of production with their knowledge and experience. We also maintain a decades-long tradition of producing oak barrels and related products. By constantly investing in new machines and building a new production hall, we are increasingly expanding the number of satisfied customers to whom we offer a top product.


Barrels of the company POZVEK d.o.o. are made of the highest quality Slavonian oak. We control the entire production process, from felling trees in the forest, transporting logs to the company and sorting them to make appropriate barrels. After sawing and splitting the logs to the appropriate dimension, the planks are arranged for external drying in the traditional way in the sun and rain, which takes two to five years to obtain the highest quality product.




Our work begins in the forest, from the very beginning of the selection of Slavonian oak suitable for processing, because the best product can be made only from the highest quality raw materials. We control the entire transport of logs, from the forest to the company.


After we deliver the logs under controlled conditions to our company, we saw and split them. The planks are then left to dry in the sun and rain for two to five years, so that the wood forms its tannins in the best flavors.


The process of making the barrel was created according to a traditional recipe, but with new machines of our production with which the wood is processed in the most modern way. After the top treatment of the planks, the barrel is assembled, and fire and metal cable help us to bend it.


The ignition of the barrel affects the final composition of the wood, ie its irreplaceable quality. The intensity of the fire and the range of time create a wide range of tones and aromas. Then the master coopers manually assemble the appropriate stainless steel equipment. After the test filling with water, the final external sanding starts, with possible varnishing.


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